Burger Hugenottenkabinett      


The "Hugenottenkabinett" in Burg

The Hugenottenkabinett in Burg

The Huguenot museum in Burg

With both church and public funding, with donations and a lot of volunteer effort the community was able to renovate the more than 300-year-old vicarage and refurbish the minister's residence and community facilities in 2005 and 2006. The centerpiece of the building is the Huguenot museum room.

The facility was designed to serve as a research and culture research station. Here you can look at data and documents on religious refugies. Books, pictures and films about the Huguenots' and other reformers' life and origins as well as their implication for the city's development can be accessed here as a basis for further research.

Geneaologists, and people from Germany and around the world who are interested in church and cultural history can make for inspiring contacts.

Opening times and guided tours

As a rule the Huguenot museum room is open Wednesdays between 16.00 and 17.00 hrs.

Special appointments for guided tours with church viewing and a short guided walk through the city can be arranged ahead of time.


The Huguenots in Burg

The Huguenots in Burg

The Reformed Community of Burg depends on donations for the museum's operation and maintainance. Donations can be sent to the following account:

Donation account no: 511 002 645
Account in the name of: KVA Burg
Bank code: 810 540 00 (Sparkasse Jerichower Land)
'As payment for' "Spende Hugenottenkabinett"
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