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Louis' teeth

Unterschrift Ludwig XIV.

Signature Louis XIV.

King Louis XIV, king since 1643, was known for his pompous holding of court and his absulte monarchy (Empire me!).

Domestically he made thausends of his subjects, who confess to the reformation, exposed to the disposal of the Catholic church, the military und the regional deparments. Hugenots were on the run.

But some other facts are also worth to know. Louis loved good meals, noble wine and pretty women. He was endued with artistics, a good dancer in his early days and sometimes you could condrede him with a humanistic attitude.

But something made his life harder at the time of the Edict of Nantes: Dentists of the medical university of Le Havre found out, the bad teeth are the focus of diseases.

Absolutely needless was the implication of Louis' medical attendants:
"Sir, it's better to pull the teeth until they are healthy, before it's to late."
Louis agreed.

Later he was afflicted with an injury of his palate, that was caused by a slipping medical device and lot of problems with several food.

As you see, also the might ones are not protected against foolishness.

At the commemoration of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in Paris in the yaer of 1985, french scientists found out, that the tortured king rather and more extensive agreed to the revocation then he would have done without pain and disability.

Luis' desperation on the deathbed could be a sign, that he would not have gone so far as the cleric wanted him to go.

Today psychologists acknowledge a coherence between personal suffering and the implacability againt others.

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